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Snuggle Bundle

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Everything I've listed below are things I absolutely want!!!! I'm so excited to share these finds from Amazon.

Weighted Blanket

This is on the top of my Get List. I ordered a 15lb weighted blanket last year, and my friend loved it. So it is now at his condo - giving me an excuse to get a heavier, larger and fluffier one for myself.

Weighted blankets are great for people who are as fiercely independent, and loves hugs as much as me.

Price: $74

Huggable Pillow

This doesn't require a lot of explanation. :) Right now I have about six pillows on my bed. I think this would bring my sleep game to the next level, and possibly reduce all the toss and turning I do before finding a good spot. Would love to hear your reivew if you have one.

Price: $48

Lightweight sleepwear

I tend to use a lot of blankets and pillows. My nights start a little chilly, but by the middle of the night I'm sweating. As such, I like to wear lightweight sleepwear. Very seldom do I fall asleep in anything with sleeves.

Price: $6

Silk Pillowcase

I'm so excited to share this find! Silk pillow cases typically retail for $100 each at department stores like Macy's. I found this 2 pack deal for under $30. I've been wanting to try silk pillowcases forever! Silk pillowcases are supposed to be good for your skin and hair.

Price: $28

Sleeping Mask

Need I say much about this? Scientifically proven, our bodies rest better when it is completely dark.

Although I turn off all the lights in my bedroom, I have a large door to a balcony that lets in a ton of moonlight. So, my mask is by my bedside every night.

I personally like a larger mask to make sure it blocks out all the light.

Price: $8

Night Routine

Find a wind-down routine that works for you. I'll be honest, I don't have a good process right now. On the week days I basically work until midnight, and force myself to go to bed, and on weekends, I get distracted by all the little projects I have in my head.

My goal is to commit to a routine for ONE week, and I'll write it up to share with everyone.

Price: $4

Well that's what I've got for my snuggle bundle, folks! I won't purchase everything on this list, but definitely will be buying a least three items: weighted blanket, pillowcase and sleepwear. Let me know if you'd like me to write a review about the items. Otherwise, tell me about your favorite sleep items and routines. I'm especially interested in reviews of silk pillowcases.

Happy Hunting! May the Find be with You!

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